Kinesio Taping

kinesio tape lrgKinesio Taping Method is a taping technique that is designed to improve healing within muscle tissue while providing support and stability to the musculoskeletal system. Kinesio Taping targets and stimulates receptors within the muscular system to reset muscle tension and length. Depending on the pattern and the tension used when applying the tape, different effects can be seen within the tissue. The tape can be used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, and it can also be used to turn muscle activation up or down neurologically. Many professional athletes have utilized this therapy successfully. However, Kinesiotape is not only for professional athletes. There are many applications for the average patient, and many of Dr. Eaton’s patients have been turned on to the therapeutic benefits of Kinesiotape. Dr. Eaton utilizes the tape in a number of conditions including plantar fasciitis, muscle strain, ligament sprain, rotator cuff syndrome, and tendonitis. Kinesiotape has proven to be a critical adjunctive therapy in our practice. Combined with muscle rehabilitation and chiropractic manipulation, maximum results are seen very quickly and the patient is able to return to normal activity.