Webster Technique

pregnancyLgDr. Larry Webster, chiropractic physician and founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, developed a specific evaluation and chiropractic adjustment designed to remove intrauterine constraint and achieve optimal positioning for birth. This technique has been in use for many years by chiropractors across the country. Webster technique has successfully resulted in a high success rate in allowing breech presentation babies to move into normal head down or vertex position. Dr. Eaton is certified in Webster technique and has had the privilege of achieving this success with several breech babies. Resolution of imbalance within the joints in the pelvis typically leads to significantly less discomfort for the expectant mother and also promotes easier labor and delivery while reducing the risk of back labor.

The expanding uterus is supported by specific ligaments in the body. If the pelvic bones are balanced, the uterus is able to enlarge symmetrically with the growing infant. If rotation exists within the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis or the pubic bone, this balance is thrown off and ligament strain results. The round ligament is extremely important in supporting the expanding uterus. This ligament runs from the uterus down to the area of the groin. It is responsible for anchoring the uterus within the abdominal cavity. Rotation within the pelvis puts strain on one or both of the round ligaments and can cause twisting of the uterus. This is referred to as intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constraint reduces the space available in the uterus for the baby and ultimately can prevent the baby from getting into optimal position for birth. Dr. Eaton is trained to palpate fetal positioning in the final trimester of pregnancy and is also trained in appropriate treatment techniques to evaluate and remove this ligament torsion.