Initial Consult

consultLgUpon completion of the paperwork, Dr. Eaton will escort the patient to the treatment room where an extensive history and physical will be performed.    Following diagnosis, Dr. Eaton will give the patient a thorough report of findings, and a comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed.   Once the doctor and patient agree on treatment and patient consent is acquired, Dr. Eaton will perform the appropriate therapy.    Once treatment is finished, the patient will be led back to the front desk where follow-up appointments will be made.   The new patient visit will take approximately 30 minutes.

A returning patient will be encountered with a much more targeted treatment regimen.   The patient will be escorted directly to a treatment room where Dr. Eaton will administer the appropriate therapies in accordance with the treatment plan set forth.   Dr. Eaton will assess any changes in the patient’s condition since the last patient visit and treatment will be rendered in accordance to those changes.    Following resolution of the acute condition, the patient will be informed of the benefits of rehabilitative care and encouraged to participate in a strengthening program to prevent further episodes of pain or dysfunction.

Each patient who receives treatment at Eaton Chiropractic and Rehab Center will receive a comprehensive and thorough explanation of their condition as well as a detailed description of how chiropractic care, therapies, and rehabilitation can help to heal and prevent further injuries.   Each patient will also be given an approximate timetable for continued care depending on the condition.   A date for re-examination will be set up and recorded in the chart.   The doctor will inform the patient that if the appropriate progress is not seen within that timetable, that other measures will be taken to rule out more serious complications.